You can always expect the highest quality of care from our caregivers. Meet a few of the people from our exceptional team and learn about what drives their passion for helping those with in-home care needs.

  • Lucy Charles-Basden


    Years with Lisa: 15

    Originally from Trinidad, Lucy started caregiving over 15 years ago and has been a dedicated member of the LVA team since September 2009. Over the past decade, Lucy has provided exceptional, compassionate care to numerous agency clients.

    Lucy works every weekend with a client she has been with for the last 2.5 years, and during the week, Lucy works with Bode and Reed Vogel who she has been caring for since 2011. She shows tremendous commitment to the agency, and we are so grateful to have Lucy in the LVA family!

    Lucy’s proudest moment with LVA was celebrating her 10-year work anniversary with Lisa. In her spare time, Lucy loves to go to church and enjoys spending time with her four beautiful grandchildren whenever she can. If you see Lucy, please congratulate her on this accomplishment!

  • Olga Nabutovskaya


    Years with Lisa: 12.5

    In the caregiving field for 23 years, Olga Nabutovskaya, strives each day to make patients happy. The reason she chose to make a career of caregiving is because she, “loves people and enjoys taking care of them.”

    Olga knows it can be hard for families to trust a stranger with their family member, so she is more than willing to do what it takes to put families and the client at ease.

    She said she is so glad to be working for The Lisa Vogel Agency.

  • Ndeye Faty


    Years with Lisa: 5.5

    Ndeye Faty, born in Mali, West Africa, joined the Lisa Vogel Agency in November 2018. A week after joining the agency, Ndeye began working with a client, and they are still together today! They have formed a wonderful bond and truly enjoy each other’s company. They love to get out of the house to run errands, especially their (almost) daily trips to Harris Teeter!

    While Ndeye was in high school, she worked as an activity coordinator at an assisted living facility, and this is where her interest in caregiving started. Now, working as a caregiver for the last 16 years, Ndeye loves providing compassionate care to her clients. Ndeye enjoys spending time with her three children when she is not working. If you see Ndeye, please congratulate her on this accomplishment!

  • Headshot for Mary Holder

    Mary Holder


    Years with Lisa: 15

    Mary Holder has enjoyed taking care of others for 25 years. If she had to describe what she does in her role as a caregiver, she would say it means “serving as the eyes and ears for the family and other care providers.”

    She took on the role of caregiver because she was inspired by the example her mother set. Since 2009, she has chosen to work for The Lisa Vogel Agency because she appreciates that Lisa looks out for her.