The “Fall”

Every year, millions of seniors are treated for bone fractures that were caused by a slip and fall.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of four older people falls each year, leading to broken wrists, arms and ankles. 

When Your Loved One Needs Care: How to Maximize the Value of Long Term Care Insurance

When a loved one needs assistance at home to continue to live independently, or needs to move into a care facility, long-term care insurance (LTC) can be a big help in making that care more affordable. Unfortunately, accessing the benefits can be challenging, especially at a time when families are often already feeling overwhelmed. Many […]

Great Expectations

Make the most of visits with your elderly loved ones It’s been too long, and you know you need to schedule your next visit soon. Still, you dread sitting for several hours hearing the litany of complaints: “Therapy is not helping. My arthritis just keeps getting worse. You all have your own lives, I understand […]

When It’s Time for the Talk…About Alzheimer’s

Like any good son or daughter, chances are you have worked hard to nurture a loving relationship between your parents and your kids. A child’s bond with a grandparent is both powerful and rewarding. So what happens when the loving grandmother or grandfather no longer recognizes those beautiful grandchildren? Alzheimer’s disease affects family life in […]

Alzheimer’s and You

Does your mother remember your last visit?  Is your father having a hard time remembering directions, phone messages, or doctor’s appointments?  Are you frightened about what this forgetfulness could mean for a parent and for yourself? You are not alone.  During the month of November, National Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregiver’s Awareness Month, take a moment […]

High Quality, Good Value, Professional

We have two goals at The Lisa Vogel Agency: Help our clients remain in their own homes and help other family members maintain balance in their personal lives. I am committed to helping families successfully transition to home care. From personally selecting the most compatible aide to helping individuals complete insurance paperwork, I will do […]

Lisa’s Experience Inspires Compassionate Care

I will never forget visiting my grandmother and grandfather in nursing homes. My grandparents always seemed so lonely and uncomfortable, and the quality of care was a constant worry for my family. I recognized early on that our older family members deserve better care options, and that is what my agency provides.’’ Lisa Vogel, President, […]

Keep Your Loved Ones At Home

“ It was very important to me that my husband remain at home for as long as possible. The care and assistance provided by The Lisa Vogel Agency kept my husband comfortable and safe in our home for two years beyond what we expected. When it came time to make difficult decisions about his care, […]