Coping with Role Reversal

For most of your life, you have likely assumed the natural parent-child relationship roles, whereby you, the child, are cared for by your parents. However, if you have found yourself on our website, odds are you have found yourself trying to cope with a new role: that of caregiver to your adult parent(s).

Summertime Safety Tips for Seniors

For many, summer can be for good times and tan lines.  For the person caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, it can mean a season of safety challenges. Here are a few helpful tips to keep everyone “cool” in the summer heat:   Embrace the shade: Limit your loved one’s exposure to the […]

Listen Up, Take Your Meds Non-Adherence to Prescribed Drugs Comes with Staggering Costs

Funny thing about medication, it will not work unless you take it. For many of us, that simple task just seems to slip through the cracks. In fact, medication non-adherence–not taking medications as prescribed—is one of America’s costliest health problems. Nearly half of the annual prescriptions dispensed in the United States are not taken as […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

It happens all the time. The relationship just isn’t working out. Whether it’s your cleaning lady, pet walker or handyman, there comes a time when the decision is made to amicably part ways. But how do you end a relationship with the caregiver who has been helping your older loved one for quite some time? […]

Feeling Guilty? Get Over It

If you have children, no doubt you have experienced parental guilt. Loosely defined, it’s the feeling of angst that comes with knowing that you have not been the best possible parent and that your child will be permanently damaged because of it. Today, that type of guilt is taking the backseat to a different kind […]

Sex and the Single Senior Safe Sex and Seniors

Look around the next time you visit your mother in her retirement community or join the bridge game at your father’s assisted living facility.  Chances are good that the hallmate on your mother’s floor or the bridge partner across the table from your father could be a future sex partner. That’s right. According to the […]

Guilt-Free Holidays: Social Media Keeps Older Relatives Connected

No need to feel guilty about not making the rounds to all of your older relatives and friends this holiday season.  Thanks to social media and other tech gadgets, the seniors in your family circle can stay in the in the loop and up to date on the latest family news, photos, and videos. When […]

Here Come the Holidays Spread Cheer for Older Family and Friends

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the say.  The weeks ahead are full of seemingly endless “to-do” lists full of holiday shopping, baking, decorating and entertaining obligations.  While the holiday season brings joy to many, it also brings its share of stress, especially for elderly relatives and friends and those who […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Helping the Elderly Battle the Winter Blues

Welcome to our fifth segment in our sponsored series on elder care, written by expert in the field, Lisa Vogel, who owns and operates The Lisa Vogel Agency.  We’re all living longer, how will you — and your parents — make the most of that extra time? The temperature keeps dropping, the snow keeps falling, and spring […]

Is it Alzheimer’s? Is it Dementia? Is it Normal?

Welcome to our sixth segment in our sponsored series on elder care, written by expert in the field, Lisa Vogel, who owns and operates The Lisa Vogel Agency. We’re all living longer, how will you — and your parents — make the most of that extra time?