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Cooking Fun During COVID!

ABOVE AND BEYOND! Our amazing caregiver Lisa R recently shared with us one of the activities she has been doing with her client during the pandemic. She truly exemplifies a dedicated aide, thank you Lisa R!

“For the past month or so while working with Mrs. G it has been a joy. She loves to go on walks and watch movies. Since the pandemic, Mrs. G has been a little down due to wanting to do normal things again. Her favorite thing to do was eating out at different restaurants and traveling. Since she told me how much she loves these things, every other weekend when I work with her, we do an inside tour to a different state or country. We sit and watch the travel channel together or, sometimes we pick a country or state before my next shift and create a dish from that place. She has a great time helping with the recipes. Due to my culinary background, we create all kinds of things. Mrs. G said she loves having care from the Lisa Vogel Agency. She said, “The agency just gets it”, “Very patient kind people”, “Lisa Vogel knows her stuff and her staff, it was almost as if she knew who would be perfect for me”. Today we only “traveled” to New York, but the teriyaki salmon was great!”

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