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Keep Your Loved Ones At Home

by Lisa Vogel

It was very important to me that my husband remain at home for as long as possible. The care and assistance provided by The Lisa Vogel Agency kept my husband comfortable and safe in our home for two years beyond what we expected. When it came time to make difficult decisions about his care, Lisa was one of my key advisers.”
Marilyn Blum

The Lisa Vogel Agency is committed to providing care for patients in their own homes and to avoiding  institutional care for as long as possible.  We understand that at-home care can be challenging for family members, but we work closely to help you achieve a balance between taking care of your loved one and taking care of your own needs. We want you to feel confident that your loved one is receiving excellent care, with no guilt or worry on your part.

Take Time for Yourself
You can take time out for yourself, knowing that you are doing your part to extend the days, months and years that your loved one remains independent and happy at home. You can focus on planning family activities or enjoying visits with your loved ones as our trained aides handle the details of light housekeeping, personal care, transportation, meal preparation, and assistance with other activities of daily living.  When conditions change, our partnership with a Medicare-certified company allows us to arrange skilled care as needed.

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