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Lisa’s Experience Inspires Compassionate Care

by Lisa Vogel

I will never forget visiting my grandmother and grandfather in nursing homes. My grandparents always seemed so lonely and uncomfortable, and the quality of care was a constant worry for my family. I recognized early on that our older family members deserve better care options, and that is what my agency provides.’’
Lisa Vogel, President, The Lisa Vogel Agency

Lisa Vogel’s only memories of her grandmother are visiting her in a nursing home, where she lived for fourteen years battling chronic heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Lisa’s grandfather was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at a time when few facilities were prepared to treat Alzheimer’s patients. Over a period of eight years, she watched him move from one facility to the next.

Embracing Shared Values
The memories of those nursing home and hospital visits and the indignities she watched her grandparents endure stayed with Lisa and ultimately led her to create The Lisa Vogel Agency. The values that Lisa embraces in her own life are now standard requirements for all staff members: compassion, kindness, understanding, and above all, an appreciation of family. Those shared values translate to extraordinary care for your loved one.

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