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Where to Work: Identifying the Best Agency & Acing the Interview

In the home care industry, the caregiver (sitter, companion, nursing assistant, etc.) has the luxury of being very selective about where they work. 

From the Nurses Station: The Importance of Home Care

As “baby boomers” continue to retire and reap the benefits of their hard work a new need is rapidly exploding; in-home care. This surge in retirees coupled with an increase in life expectancy has resulted in a new “life after work” with new independence.

Coping with Role Reversal

For most of your life, you have likely assumed the natural parent-child relationship roles, whereby you, the child, are cared for by your parents. However, if you have found yourself on our website, odds are you have found yourself trying to cope with a new role: that of caregiver to your adult parent(s).

The “Fall”

Every year, millions of seniors are treated for bone fractures that were caused by a slip and fall.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of four older people falls each year, leading to broken wrists, arms and ankles. 

Summertime Safety Tips for Seniors

When Your Loved One Needs Care: How to Maximize the Value of Long Term Care Insurance

Great Expectations

Listen Up, Take Your Meds Non-Adherence to Prescribed Drugs Comes with Staggering Costs

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Feeling Guilty? Get Over It

Sex and the Single Senior Safe Sex and Seniors

When It’s Time for the Talk…About Alzheimer’s

Guilt-Free Holidays: Social Media Keeps Older Relatives Connected

Here Come the Holidays Spread Cheer for Older Family and Friends

Alzheimer’s and You

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Helping the Elderly Battle the Winter Blues

Is it Alzheimer’s? Is it Dementia? Is it Normal?

Welcome to our sixth segment in our sponsored series on elder care, written by expert in the field, Lisa Vogel, who owns and operates The Lisa Vogel Agency. We’re all living longer, how will you — and your parents — make the most of that extra time?

High Quality, Good Value, Professional

Very Personalized Care

Lisa’s Experience Inspires Compassionate Care

Keep Your Loved Ones At Home

Always Available

Allows Me to Be a Daughter to My Mother

My mother is a bright, independent person. The Lisa Vogel Agency found the perfect caregiver to help her maintain independence and assist her with daily living activities.

Takes the Time to Make the Right Match

A Genuine Commitment to In-Home Care

The Lisa Vogel Agency exemplifies what a home care provider should be: a partner in family care, an advocate for your loved one, and a well-respected employer.

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