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Best Homecare Services, Best of Baltimore, 2021
Best Homecare Services, Jewish Times, 2021

“My mom loves Helena and is super happy with her. She is very sweet, and they always have a good time.”
Judith T.

“My experience at The Lisa Vogel Agency has been awesome. I first interviewed with Lisa about 10 years ago and was very impressed with her professionalism, and that has not changed. When you enter the agency, you are greeted with warmth, whether it’s for an interview or an issue with your placement, the staff is always willing to help.”
Lucy C.

“We are very pleased with Fanny. She is always on time and dressed professionally. She does an excellent job taking care of all of Mrs.’s needs. She has a great attitude and is always laughing and cheering us up.”
Don S.

“The Lisa Vogel Agency has dedicated caregivers who always put the client’s needs first. The caregivers are dependable, loyal, and provide excellent care. The Lisa Vogel Agency is a great place to work. Not only are the caregivers great, but the Lisa Vogel Agency staff is great too!”
Shirleen H.

“Victoria is absolutely perfect, and she is so good to my wife. Victoria takes her time to make Mrs. look her best every day. She always goes out of her way for Mrs. and is so loving/caring.”
Saul R.

“I have worked with the Lisa Vogel Agency for the past 5 years as a care coordinator. I am proud to work with such a knowledgeable office staff, such caring and kind caregivers, and such a professional, outstanding boss as Lisa Vogel. People ask me why I still work when I could be retired and my answer is ” I love what I do, I absolutely love my clients, and I love working for Lisa Vogel!”
Margie S.

“Valerie gets the brightest blue and red stars you could possibly imagine. She is absolutely fantastic. Really knows her stuff. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for us. Always happy and bright, we don’t know what we would do without her. I feel lucky to have the best caregivers ever.”
Margery C.

“I cannot say enough great things about the Lisa Vogel Agency and one of their wonderful caregivers, Kitty Lemon. She is like a gift from heaven. The kindness and compassion she shows for my dad, and showed for my mom, is simply amazing!”
Fred H.

“Shekia was amazing with my husband. Really made the end of his life so much better and handled his last day really well. Truly appreciate everything she did for him.”
Lynn K.

“I have been working with The Lisa Vogel Agency since 2013 as a caregiver. I have been paired well with long term clients. The agency is professional and cares about its employees. They provide AED and CPR recertification training, annual nurses appreciation breakfast, and annual review of skills. I recommend working with us.”
Cindy P.

“Nina is truly exceptional. Beyond being an outstanding care provider who ensures that my mother receives excellent care, Nina has been steadfast in her resolve to keep my mother active and vibrant every day. She has certainly prolonged and enriched my mother’s life. Nina treats my mother with warmth and respect. Her work ethic is incomparable. She has covered shifts whenever the evening care provider is unable to work, often on last-minute notice. No words could adequately express our appreciation for the love, professionalism, and high level of care that Nina provides to my mother.”
Carol B.

“Great place to work, friendly staff, always caring and helpful. Guaranteed flexible hours.”
Lisa R.

“Theresa did an outstanding job. Thanks for getting her. She is a winner.”
Sam M.

“I would recommend the Lisa Vogel Agency to anyone who is in need of in-home care. Five years ago, I needed assistance with my mother. Lisa Vogel met with me and I hired her immediately. Her compassion and conscientiousness have always impressed me. She always puts her client’s needs first and is meticulous with regards to submitting paperwork. Her caregivers are very responsible, dedicated, kindhearted, professional and their sensitivity to the needs of my mother have been amazing. I, once again, strongly recommend the Lisa Vogel Agency without any reservations.”
Fran R.

“Sonia is extraordinary. My husband is not easy, but Sonia never gives less than 100%. She is absolutely a ‘10’. We feel so lucky to have her caring for him, she is amazing with his personal care, and is so committed to him. She has never once been late in all of the time she has worked with us. She also works well with others on the team. They have a very special relationship.”
Marsha B.

“The Lisa Vogel Agency is better than 5 stars! Lisa Vogel is involved and helpful in every way. We have had caregivers through Lisa Vogel for at least 6 years. Lisa worked with us when we needed care for my mother and father. My mother passed away, but we know that she was cared for every minute by warm, caring, knowledgeable caregivers. My father needs care in a different way, and we have had the same caregiver for the last 3 years. She is loyal and kind and feels like a member of our family. I have referred several friends who needed care for their parents, and everyone is as happy as we are. I and my family have only the highest praise for Lisa and her team of employees and caregivers.”
Ellie F.

“Salma is absolutely excellent; I would hate to ever lose her. She is always on time & dressed professionally. God bless her, I could have never dreamed of someone so kind.”
Gershon E.

“The Lisa Vogel Agency took care of every aspect of our mothers’ situation. They handled the paperwork for her long-term care and got us the BEST aid, Margaret!!! We never had a minute of worry that there would not be coverage even in an emergency. I would recommend this agency VERY HIGHLY!!! All of the staff is wonderful and took care of any issues we had along the way.”
Emily G.

“Mary is in a different class of caregivers altogether. Absolutely magnificent. Wonderful to my husband, he adores her. Can’t think of any higher marks that I could give to Mary. I don’t know what we would do without her. AN ABSOLUTE TREASURE.”
Ruth S.

“When i first became employed with the lisa vogel agency as a caregiver, i knew it would be a rewarding and ever lasting experience. I’ve been employed with lisa for 5+ years and looking forward to many more to come. When visiting the office, the staff is courteous and friendly and make sure you are satisfied. Lisa is an employer who cares about her caregivers and the family’s she supports. If anyone interested in becoming a part of this growing agency weather its fulltime or part time we welcome you.. If there any family looking for care for their love one i highly recommend this agency. 5+ Stars”
Michsell P.

“Michelle is an example of an aide who cares deeply about her duties and very compassionate with her clients. I rest easy knowing she is caring for my cousin. She was also vital in the care of my other cousin who lived longer because of Michelle’s care and guidance. Living far away made it difficult and worrisome about her care, but I knew she was in good hands with Michelle on duty. They developed a loving relationship. Appreciate her so much.”
Jane B.

“I highly recommend The Lisa Vogel Agency because they provided professional and kind caregivers for my mother who had Alzheimer’s. We tried a number of agencies in Baltimore before finding them. Lisa is also very involved and knowledgeable of the needs of the elderly.”
Maggie S.

“We have used the Lisa Vogel Agency for 3 years for my mom. Her caregivers are the most warm and loving people. They treat my mom like a queen. My mom has a terrific life, and it is due to the quality of care received from the Lisa Vogel Agency.”
Barb S.

“I have used the services of The Lisa Vogel Agency for the previous 8 months and this Agency is the VERY, VERY best that I have used in the 4 YEARS I have required professional care for my wife. Their caregivers are caring, knowledgeable, kind to all Family and friends that have contact with them and are a pleasure to have with us at home. The professional staff at their office in addition to Lisa and brother Jon are first rate, meaning they operate to satisfy the client at all times. I could not be more pleased to use The Lisa Vogel Agency and have recommended the Agency many, many times. If you need care for a loved one you will be extremely comfortable and pleased to use The Lisa Vogel Agency.”
Carey R.

“We are now coming up on one year of working with the Lisa Vogel Agency [LVA] to care for my father who suffers from dementia complicated by a fractured pelvis. Due to his risk for falls, we decided to engage LVA to supplement the care Dad receives from our family and at his comprehensive care facility. I cannot speak highly enough of the service LVA has provided. From Jonathan Goldman’s outstanding assistance in dealing with long care insurance, caregiver scheduling and handling a number of emergency situations, to the consistently knowledgeable, thoughtful and loving personal care provided by Dad’s caregivers, Beatrice and Bessie, LVA’s service has been superb. They have greatly reduced the load on my mother, in particular. This is a very professional and well administered organization.”
Woods B.

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