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Where to Work: Identifying the Best Agency & Acing the Interview

by Jonathan Goldman

In the home care industry, the caregiver (sitter, companion, nursing assistant, etc.) has the luxury of being very selective about where they work.  It’s no secret that there is a massive demand for home care services, but the supply of quality caregivers lags far behind that demand.  Therefore, the best caregivers should ensure where they are working is market competitive, if not exceeding market.

Base Rates

Typically, base rate is the main data point applicants look at when browsing job posts.  While that is important, it may not always tell the full story.  Some companies don’t offer, or the individual may not be interested in, overtime which may drive a higher base rate.  Other agencies may offer unlimited overtime, which may lower the starting rate but in the end yield higher gross wages.  It’s always important to peel back the onion and inquire about the base rate ranges listed.

Benefit Structure

When evaluating agencies, it’s also important to look at other benefits offered and ask important questions.  Are things like health insurance, supplemental insurances, and retirement plans offered?  How often are employees paid and via what method?  What flexibility with scheduling and time off is there?  Caregivers are interviewing agencies as much as agencies are interviewing the caregivers.  It must be a fit for both parties for it to be a successful partnership.

Acing the Application & Interview

After identifying the best agency, caregivers should complete job applications as fully as possible with as much accurate information.  Inconsistencies and inaccuracies may lead to an application being rejected.  It’s also critical to remember the following:

  • Providing excellent and legitimate references who can speak to your work performance
  • Be responsive to phone calls or emails and always maintain a professional demeanor
  • Make sure any required documentation or credentials are current

Once an in-person interview has been secured, the caregiver has entered the final stretch.  Everything up to this point and continuing through the interview is being evaluated, so it’s no time to let up.  On the day of the interview: be on time, dress appropriately, and sell yourself.  From the agency’s perspective, how the applicant treats their interview is how they will treat their job.  Following these steps will allow caregivers to identify the best agency for their needs and allow them to secure the position.

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